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Portsmouth Hair Salon Tips: Using Dry Shampoo

You have just received an incredible style from Pam’s Hair Designers in Portsmouth. You are heading home and want to keep the hair in the style it has currently been blow dried to. So you reach for the Dry Shampoo. Here are some important things you need to do if you use it.

 The Rule of 6 or is it 10

Remember don’t spray closer than about 6 inches to the roots. I have actually heard some people say don’t get closer than 10 inches.

Hair Tips From Pam’s Hair Salon Of Portsmouth

For over 30 years the professional designers at Pam’s Hair Salon have experienced just about every thing you can do with your hair..bad or good. If there is a way to style it, or a new “hair” fad, we have seen it. Now here are some tips of things we have seen that can help you with your hair. These tips can help you keep your hair in pristine condition. Sometimes the simplest strategies for beautiful hair are not difficult or complicated.


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