Dealing With Frizzy Hair From The Portsmouth Humidity

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One concern I see for ladies hair in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, or Old Towne is frizzy untamable hair. The summer humidity in our area brings flowers, trees, natural beauty and waves of moisture causing your hair to curl and frizz.

Oh Humid Portsmouth…Hair’s Worst Enemywedding_hair_salon_portsmouth

Chances are, if you live in Hampton Roads Virginia, you know the never-ending battle of your hair’s worst enemy, humidity. It feels like every other day it rains in Portsmouth, and did you know the weather forecast is calling for the rainiest summer in years? Yikes.Solutions For Frizzy Humidity Hair On A Humid Chesapeake Day

If you try and escape the outside air at all cost but that humidity somehow always finds you, read on. We know your pain and we are here to help you at Pam’s Hair Designers! Here are a few tips from the experts.

Summer Hair Tips For Portsmouth and Chesapeake’s Rampant Moisture

Try not to wash your hair as much

I know, it sounds crazy, but over washing your delicate hair can strip natural oils that help keep your hair moisturized and healthy. It would seem like washing your hair a lot would help. But this is a misnomer. Too much shampoo actually will make your more vulnerable to the frizz.

Choose products that don’t have harsh chemicals

Sulfate-free, sulfate-free, sulfate-free! I cannot stress that enough. Sulfates are a curly haired girls worst nightmare, and probably why your hair is frizzy. Sulfates are notorious for being harsh on your precious hair and damaging that amazing new color you just revamped. So maximize that color, and dodge the frizz, look for Sulfate-free beauty products.

Don’t forget the conditioner.

Letting your hair dry up is an automatic express lane that takes your hair from smooth to a frizzy unyielding mess. Conditioner is your hair’s best friend. You can even skip shampooing every once in awhile and head straight to the conditioner. This will preserve your hair’s natural oils. If you have finer hair, stick with a lightweight formula and layoff the roots.

Spoil yourself.

Take sometime out of your busy day and treat yourself to a hydrating mask once a week. This will ensure that your hair is getting all the tender loving care it needs to block the frizz and lock the moisture. There are special treatments for every kind of hair, ask your stylist for what they recommend. For a little at home remedy, try coconut oil (I think this is ideal for more curly hair). Coconut oil will leave your hair refreshed with fatty acids that strengthen your hair, resulting in less frizzy split ends = frizz free hair with a healthy shine.

Be gentle.

If you have time, avoid the heat and let your hair dry naturally every once in awhile. And if you are feeling real adventurous, skip the flat iron and rock a natural look. Add a little product to maximize the moisture. For coarse/curly hair try a cream hydrator, and for finer hair try a light mist of Argan oil. Embrace what your mama gave you; trust me, your hair will thank you.

Try a quick, foolproof hairstyle for your summer days.

Since we are trying to avoid the flat iron and blow outs for a day or so, go for a heat free texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Get the beach day hair, without the beach; texturizing salt spray will leave your hair with soft beach waves and a hip bohemian look. Be careful to add some Argan oil into the mix, because salt will pull out moisture and natural oils.

Seek The Professionals At Pam’s Hair Designersportsmouth_salon_near_old_towne

For more tips and tricks, come visit us at Pam’s Hair Designers in Old Town Portsmouth. We have professional methods and systems in place to help you with any concern you may have with your hair. Ask us about pressing the hair, a professional technique we can do to help reduce frizziness.

Frizzy Hair Treatment Videos

Here are a few very simple Youtube videos that show different techniques to mitigate frizzy hair. While I would suggest seeking the advice and support of a trained hair professional, it never hurts to learn about some things you can do to help your hair in the hot months

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There is no need to hide from the humidity, we have all the products and treatments you will ever need to get your hair looking and feeling amazing. Pam’s Hair Designers is Located in historic Olde Towne Portsmouth, VA at 434 Green Street. Visit or call us at 757-397-3784

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