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You have just received an incredible style from Pam’s Hair Designers in Portsmouth. You are heading home and want to keep the hair in the style it has currently been blow dried to. So you reach for the Dry Shampoo. Here are some important things you need to do if you use it.

 The Rule of 6 or is it 10

Remember don’t spray closer than about 6 inches to the roots. I have actually heard some people say don’t get closer than 10 inches. Either way, keep your distance when you spray it on.

Portsmouth virginia hair salon3 Strikes and your..

in need of real shampoo. After three days of using it you need to wash your hair the normal old fashion way. As a #hair #salon serving #Portsmouth and #Chesapeake there are scores of fabulous products design to sculpt, shape, lift, curl, and do great things for your hair. But you still need to stick to the fundamentals of washing it periodically for its general health.

The Bright Side of Dry Shampoo: Battle the Portsmouth Humidity

There will be no shortage of humidity in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, or Suffolk. Humidity is a threat to those pretty locks. Dry shampoo might be a temporary answer to protect your hair.

hair salon products from paul mitchellBut Don’t Forget what dry shampoo can or cannot do:

It does not:

  • remove excess skin
  • dirt(yuck)
  • bacteria (eeek)


Dry Shampoo is a temporary solution when you can’t wet your hair, but it has limitations. And it does not cleanse your scalp. Here are a few quick tips for using dry shampoo as part of your hair regimen

A few quick tips for dry shampoo

  1. Apply to first couple inches of hair
  2. Let it sit for a few minutes
  3. Work it in the scalp
  4. Don’t overuse it. I am think a day maybe two at the most to prevent it from clogging up your pores.

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